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Our Story begins with the folks over at God's Country Camouflage Black Bear hunting in the mountains of Idaho. Melissa, Todd and Kurt were enjoying chasing bears, riding four wheelers and spending time in the cabin discussing the future of God's Country Camo and products that others who love the outdoors would find useful.

Melissa, Todd and Kurt - God's Country Camo.

Kurt, co-owner of God's Country Camo, is an avid hunter, outdoorsman and inventor. He spends the seasons chasing Big Game across the West. From Elk, to Whitetail, Bears, Pronghorns and Mule Deer, Kurt is an outdoorsman who knows the challenges and has the experience necessary to be a successful hunter. (If you don't believe it you should see his freezer!) One day while hunting Elk he found himself struggling when it came to crossing barbed wire fences.

Kurt either had to find a gate (which could be miles away) try to climb the fence (never easy with a pack and rifle) or try to wiggle under or through the fence. Kurt thought there had to be a better way to cross fences, so when he got home, he went to work designing a tool.

Fast forward to that Bear hunt in Idaho, Kurt had welded together the first version of Wire-Ups and had some local success making them for family and friends. But the metal, while perfect for strength, was not great if a fence was electrified (shocking!) and they were difficult to make. That's why Kurt asked Todd and Melissa to help find a way to make Wire-Ups better.

Kim and Larry - Project XYZ

Which we did!

Working from the original idea our team did a redesign and most importantly we brought in the experts in Injection Molding from Project XYZ in Muscle Shoals Alabama.

Project XYZ is a Tier 2 Automotive manufacture specializing in American made injection molded parts. Together we designed, tested, re-designed, tested again, failed, made more updates, until we found the optimal size, shape, material, and strength necessary to mass produce a valuable product designed to make crossing fences easier and safer.

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