Whether you're hunting Elk, working on the ranch, or a first responder if your Wire-Ups break, we've got you covered. Whatever happens to your Wire-Ups, we're here to help. That's our simple warranty and promise to you.

Warranty 101

Warranty for Life of the original purchaser. (Warranty is Non-Transferable) 

We stand behind our product. When used as designed, we know you will find years of service. However; Life happens and sometimes your Wire-Ups product might not live up to your standards. If they break or or have manufacturing damage,  we will whatever we can to make it right*. That is our promise to you. 

*Shipping and taxes may apply. 


The Wire-Ups warranty does not cover cosmetic damage (dents, scratches), normal wear and tear, or modifications/repairs made to the product without authorization. Our warranty does not cover any damage to other product(s) including, without limitation, damage to any device, fence or item used in connection with our product.

Step 1

After your purchase please register your product.

Register your product:

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*** Wire-Ups.com purchases do not need to be registered ***

Step 2
Submit a Warranty Claim

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Step 3
Look for your replacement Wire-Ups Shipment